Morris Teams

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Morris Season

The different types of English display dance have their own distinctive seasons in their native habitat. Cotswold morris teams, with their sticks, hankies, and high leaps, are most visible between late April and late June. Northwest morris, featuring large groups, clogs, and processional dances, are traditionally found in autumn. Wintertime traditions include the precision of longsword and rapper teams; rag coats, sticks, and screaming of border teams, and Molly dancing’s drag outfits and parodies of English country dance. While many BACDS teams perform these transplanted traditions year-round, performances tend to be more prevalent during the traditional seasons.

Performance Teams

Eight performance teams are proud to be part of BACDS. These teams perform Cotswold and border morris, molly dancing, and longsword dances throughout the greater bay area during the traditional springtime and wintertime performance seasons. Teams and individual members also represent the bay area at annual morris ales (regional gatherings of morris teams) and events such as Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival. Some teams offer seasonal morris dance workshops as part of their regular practice schedules, as well as workshops at venues such as the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.

Berkeley Morris

A mixed team founded in 1977 by Brad Foster and others, Berkeley Morris is the oldest active morris team in the bay area, and quite possibly on the west coast. Berkeley Morris has been thrilling crowds with its Fieldtown stick and hanky dances for years, but its repertoire draws from numerous traditions. Berkeley Morris offers seasonal workshop in the early fall, as well as at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival in early summer. Berkeley Morris members and alumni have been instrumental in the formation of teams such as Seattle’s Misty City Morris and Scottsdale’s Bedlam Bells Morris.

Deer Creek Morris Men

Deer Creek Morris Men is a men’s team that has been dancing with precision and power since 1986. In recent years, Deer Creek has been found in neighborhoods throughout the bay area, as well as locations as far afield as the Marlboro Morris Ale in Vermont; London, Ontario; and Vancouver, British Columbia. Deer Creek has also performed for audiences at the annual Christmas Revels productions.

Emperor Norton’s Fire Brigade and Hose Company #2

Founded around 1988 and named after Emperor Joshua Norton I, self-proclaimed Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, Norton’s Guard dances primarily during the months of December and January. Its repertoire includes both north Yorkshire Sleights and Flemish Bourke Naas dances.

FFL Morris

FFL Morris (fondly referred to as “fuffle”) started life in 1998 as a predominantly border team. Since then, FFL’s repertoire has expanded to incorporate Welsh, Celtic, Breton, and other western European dances and cultural influences. FFL Morris became a BACDS team in 2000.

Goat Hill Morris/Ring of Cold Steel Sword

Founded in 1998 and based in San Francisco, Goat Hill dances the Duns Tew tradition during the spring and summer months; Duns Tew was reconstructed at a morris festival in England in 1986, and brought to the United States by Goat Hill founder Jocelyn Reynolds. Goat Hill’s alterego, Ring of Cold Steel Sword, performs longsword dances during the winter months. For more information, contact Goat Hill at Goat Hill became a BACDS team in 1998.

Jubilee American Dance Theatre

Jubilee American Dance Theatre is a truly unique performance ensemble bringing to life the dances, music, songs and stories of the folks that made America. From Appalachia to the Swing Era to Cajun Country, the New England Whalers, Baja California, America’s immigrants and more, Jubilee transports you to another time and place through its rich weaving of stories, songs, dance and music.

All of Jubilee’s work is set in context with costumes and props that reflect the time and place. Jubilee celebrates the traditions, rituals and social customs of America’s folk!

Jubilee American Dance Theatre became a BACDS team in 2003.

Mad Molly

Mad Molly, the bay area’s first molly team, performs molly dance “not as it was, but as it should have been.” This inventive and very colorful team draws its repertoire from traditional dances in the Seven Champions school, converted Cotswold morris dances, and music drawn from diverse sources.

Seabright Morris

Founded in 1991 by Evan and Berry Shepherd and based in Santa Cruz, Seabright performs Cotswold dances in the Adderbury and Bledington traditions. Seabright hosts the annual Santa Cruz Day of Dance, which features teams from throughout northern California at locations throughout Santa Cruz and the surrounding mountains.

And not to forget our history


Bufflehead was one of the first northwest morris teams in the United States. Derived from dances done in the mill towns of northeastern England, this tradition is done by dancers carrying belled batons and wearing wooden clogs. Bufflehead became a BACDS team in 1997, and went on hiatus after a farewell tour in 2008.

Mayfield Morris and Sword

A women’s team founded by Ring O’ Bells alumna Jody McGeen, Mayfield Morris and Sword enchanted bay area crowds with their precise and enthusiastic dancing since 1985. Mayfield was found as far afield in as the Marlboro Morris Ale, the Midwest Morris Ale and Toronto in recent years. Mayfield danced in the Ascot and Litchfield traditions, as well as performed longsword and clog dances.