Styling workshops

English Country Dance Workshop
for Beginning and Intermediate Dancers

Saturday, February 20, 2016, 2:00-5:00 pm
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
600 Colorado Avenue, Palo Alto, CA

Price at the door: $15

Internationally-known dancing master Bruce Hamilton leads an informative workshop for beginning and intermediate English Country dancers (experienced dancers are encouraged to attend as well). Please note, this is not a session to learn new dances. Rather, Bruce will use simple, well-known dances to illustrate his teaching points.

Says Bruce, “For people who have danced with me for years, this will be familiar, but there will be much more depth on becoming a better dancer.”

Fundamentals will be stressed including: the whys of rights and lefts; timing of heys in English vs. contra; the neuropsychology of a one-hand turn; how to make a gate turn delightful for both dancers. Bruce will cover other style points such as how best to make eye contact and the fact that English Country dancing is far more than getting from A to B.

Music for the session will be provided by the superb duo of Bill Jensen and Stanley Kramer.

Bruce Hamilton has more than 40 years experience teaching Scottish and English Country dancing. He created what is now the BACDS Peninsula English dance series, was an early co-foreman of Berkeley Morris and started the Deer Creek Morris Men.

Bruce has become one of the country’s most popular English country dance leaders with invitations to many weekends and dance camps each year. Lately, he has been focusing on nonchoreographic elements of English Country dance: how to move well, how to be musical, how to recover from slips, how to be a good partner, body mechanics, and the social and mental aspects.